RBS Shareholder Committee: We’ve (almost) won!

Great news from RBS! RBS have agreed to have our resolution put to the AGM.

UNFORTUNATELY, they will only agree to this, if the resolution is a SPECIAL Resolution rather than an ordinary one. That means that we will have to resubmit our requisitions for the special resolution.

So, if you own RBS shares, please complete the new Special Resolution Requisition form, which you can download from the ShareSoc website, click here.

Getting the shareholder resolution on the RBS AGM agenda is a huge step forward in making all UK plcs aware of the importance of individual investors and the need for all company Boards to engage more effectively with the shareholders who own each company.

 What happens next?

We need to deliver at least 100 signed forms to RBS by 9th March.

We will issue a press release to ensure we get wide publicity.

We will start a campaign to persuade UKFI, institutional shareholders and all other shareholders to vote for the shareholder committee resolution.

All shareholders will receive in April a copy of the AGM notice and voting instructions (unless they have opted not to receive these).

The request for a discussion about shareholder committees at the 2108 RBS AGM has also been accepted. So the AGM agenda will include this item including the supporting statement of the benefits of a shareholder committee (which you can download by clicking Special Resolution).

The RBS AGM will be in Mid May in Edinburgh. We will be attending and talking to explain the benefits of shareholder committees.

Sincerely yours,

Cliff Weight
RBS Shareholder Committee Campaign Co-ordinator and
Director, ShareSoc


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