Press Release 128: Four new directors join ShareSoc’s Board

ShareSoc, the UK membership organisation for individual investors, is delighted to announce the appointment of Bob Pettigrew, Ram Sachdev, Vijay Tohani and Elliott Hughes as Non-Executive Directors.

Bob Pettigrew

Bob Pettigrew has over 25 years of investing experience in new business opportunities in leading-edge technologies, successfully managing their development from concept to commercialisation. He is an active angel investor and member of Cambridge Angels, a group of investors with extensive experience of founding, growing, mentoring, and financing early-stage ventures across a wide range of technology sectors. In 1986 he co-founded Generics which became a leading international laboratory-based technology and business consulting group which he floated for £250m in 2000 (since renamed Sagentia). Bob said, “I am very pleased to be able to use my many years of experience to contribute to ShareSoc’s campaigning and education activities, especially for those coming to or in retirement”.

Ram Sachdev

Ram Sachdev is an active investor who enjoys in-depth company research, specialising in US technology companies. His first career was in investment banking in the USA after which he founded, grew and successfully exited an e-commerce-based fashion business. Ram said, “Through my experience as an investor I have found great satisfaction, as well as personal growth. The percentage of active investor households in the UK is half that of countries such as the USA. I want to improve this situation by working with ShareSoc to provide practical, accessible and considered education for a wide range of UK investors.

Vijay Tohani

Vijay Tohani has over 25 years’ experience as a financial practitioner and portfolio manager in the global asset management industry. He has worked in London, Edinburgh and Singapore, and has experienced investment management practice and a variety of corporate cultures across the world. Vijay is now a full-time university lecturer teaching the next generation about finance, capital markets and investment. He has practical experience in Audit, Equity Research, Portfolio and Risk Management as well as UK Financial Regulation.  Vijay said, “I am delighted to be joining the ShareSoc board and hope I can use my investing and educational knowledge to improve the investment experience of ShareSoc members and the individual investor community.

Elliott Hughes

Elliott Hughes is presently Assistant General Counsel for Just Group plc and has 20 years’ experience working in financial services. His legal expertise covers fund and managed account businesses, alternative investments, trading and derivatives, legal and commercial documentation, regulatory initiatives, FCA outsourcing requirements, licensing and marketing. Elliott said, “I am keen to support ShareSoc’s important lobbying work. We have plenty of opportunity to improve the way the market services individual investors, as well as seek ways to achieve better outcomes across all levels of the investment landscape.

Mike Dennis (ShareSoc director) added “We are delighted to welcome Bob, Vijay, Elliott and Ram as directors. Their arrival significantly widens the board’s range of skills and experience, they will boost our plans to provide more and better investment education across all age ranges and strengthen the essential lobbying and campaigning activities we do on behalf of the UK’s individual investors.”

ShareSoc is a not-for-profit organisation, created by investors for investors. It aims to improve the investment experience of individuals and to represent their interests.

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