Press release 113 – Burford v London Stock Exchange legal case judgement implications

Press release 113 – Burford v London Stock Exchange legal case judgement implications


    • Regrets both the judgement and the basis for it as set out by the judge, and
    • Laments the further erosion of confidence it will cause.

    Share Soc Director, Paul De Gruchy, said “Our survey highlighted the lack of confidence of individual investors of the AIM market and the way it is regulated by the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Ultra short term investors are extracting rent, risk free, from long term investors. Orders to buy and sell shares are not being satisfied. The LSE and its regulator the FCA is not doing its job in a transparent way. This judgement fails to give any reassurance that individual investors are being treated fairly and further erodes confidence in the markets.”

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    For further information please contact:
    Paul de Gruchy, Director, ShareSoc

    Information About ShareSoc 
    ShareSoc, the UK Individual Shareholders Society

    ShareSoc is the UK’s largest retail shareholder organisation acting in all areas of the UK stock market with over 6,000 members. It is a not for profit company. ShareSoc is dedicated to the support of individual investors (private shareholders as opposed to institutional investors). We aim to make and keep investors better informed to improve their investment skills and protect the value of their investments. We won’t shirk from tackling companies, the Government or other institutions if we think individual shareholders are not being treated fairly. See

    1. Hans Butler says:

      Hear Hear
      Disclosure: I hold Burford shares

    2. Ray Pembroke says:

      I held and sold Burford on the Muddy Waters report because Governance was terrible and accounting treatment of WIP questionable. If something else was happening well the Courts have decided not proven.

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