Major Website Upgrade to be Launched Shortly

I am delighted to announce that after many months of work, we are nearly ready to launch a major upgrade of our website.

This upgrade will integrate the features of our members’ network into our main website. Watch this space for details!

To facilitate this launch, we will need to freeze certain aspects of the current website, for a brief period. This will begin at 9am on Monday 30th March. From then onwards, no new blog or news posts will appear and any comments you make on posts during the freeze period may be lost, so after the start of the freeze period you are advised to wait until the freeze period is over before posting your comments.

The freeze period will end when the new features go live, which we currently anticipate will happen by the end of Wednesday 1st April. We anticipate that our website will be unavailable altogether for a brief period, immediately prior to the end of the freeze period.

Real-time updates on these events will be provided by our Twitter feed:, so do follow that to be kept informed.

Mark Bentley, Director, ShareSoc

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