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Improved Registration for ShareSoc Events

After many months of work behind the scenes, we are delighted to announce an improved and simplified process for registering for our online events.

Whereas previously two steps were required to register, first registering via our website and then with Zoom, registration is now done in a single step. After submitting your details, you will automatically be registered with Zoom for the event you wish to attend. Zoom will then email you automatically with login details for the event. We recommend that you select the option in the Zoom email to add the event and login details to your calendar.

If you are a member of ShareSoc, we strongly recommend that you login before registering for an event. Not only will this mean that you do not need to enter any further contact details but it will also reduce the workload for our administrator who will not need to check whether you are already a member (and process a new membership, if not). If you have not logged in to our website before, or have forgotten your login details, you will find how to do so here:

This improved registration process will take effect for any new events published on our website from today onwards. Previously published events will still use the old registration process (explained in the text of the event).

Mark Bentley, Director, ShareSoc

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