FRC Reporting Lab survey of investors views of the topics they should review

Dear Member,

 The FRC is doing a survey of investors views of the topics that the Reporting Lab should look at over the next few years. The link to the survey is:

Please do respond if you can; it should only take about 5  minutes to complete (I just did it and it took me 7 minutes but I wrote lots of comments). The FRC runs an excellent investor engagement programme of which the Reporting Lab forms an important part. The FRC is very keen to forge closer links with UKSA and ShareSoc and to hear our views on a wide range of financial reporting issues. For this survey it has set up a specific ‘collector’ for ShareSoc members which will enable it to provide feedback to us on the number of responses and results from members.

 Do also think about getting involved in Reporting Lab projects yourself. You will find them interesting and you will also meet other participants with in-depth knowledge and experience as investors and users of accounts. The project work is not onerous and you should find it both informative and enjoyable. Phil Fitz-Gerald is the Director of the Lab; his contact details are shown below.

 The FRC is currently being reorganised following the hugely critical Kingman report, which was mainly focussed on the mission, vision and Board structure, leadership and governance. Hopefully, enforcement will be done better and quicker. Much of the day to day work of the FRC will continue. The Lab work is part of this and your help is much appreciated. ShareSoc and the UK Shareholders Association have established over the past 3 years good working relationships with the FRC  staff and we expect these to continue.

Kind regards, 

Cliff Weight, Director, ShareSoc


Phil Fitz-Gerald, Director, Financial Reporting Lab

Financial Reporting Council


T: +44 (0)20 7492 2300



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