Enhancing Our Webinars

ShareSoc has been working hard to continue to offer opportunities to hear from and interact with executives of quoted and listed companies, despite the constraints Covid-19 has been placing on all our lives.

Therefore, instead of our usual monthly “Growth Company Seminars”, we now offer online webinars with companies that may be of interest to investors. These have proved very popular, not only eliminating the transmission risks of in person meetings, but also offering the convenience of attending without leaving your own home.

Based on feedback we have received, one aspect of the former seminars that our members have been missing has been the opportunity to socialise and discuss investment matters with their fellow investors. At our seminars this was possible over a convivial buffet and glass of wine.

Whilst you’ll have to provide your own nibbles and beverages, we can now offer an online substitute for the social aspect of our seminars, as a result of our merger with SIGnet.

SIGnet exists to provide investor meetings. Prior to Covid-19, this was mostly through local groups, typically meeting in pubs. SIGnet has also transitioned highly successfully to online meetings, using Zoom technology.

We have therefore joined forces with the SIGnet leadership team to offer online “after meetings” that will follow many of our webinars. In general, these meetings, like other SIGnet meetings are open to SIGnet members. So, if you are not already a member of SIGnet, and would like to participate in these after meetings, you should join SIGnet here: https://www.sharesoc.org/membership/signet-membership/

You can join and attend up to two SIGnet meetings free. After that (or a maximum of 6 months), the SIGnet annual membership fee of £25 becomes payable to continue your membership (or, if you are already a full member of ShareSoc, you can upgrade your subscription to combined ShareSoc/SIGnet membership for only an additional £15 – a total of £60 p.a.).

The intention of the after meeting is to mimic the real life ShareSoc seminars. After the webinar, investors have the opportunity to discuss the presentation and other matters of interest with like minded people. It also gives the opportunity to catch up with friends from the investor community. We structure and chair the meeting for the most productive use of time. The meetings are supported with online resources such as Stockopedia.

Once you have joined SIGnet, when you register for one of ShareSoc’s webinars, you will automatically be offered the opportunity to also register for the SIGnet after meeting.

We look forward to welcoming you to our webinars and the SIGnet after meetings.

Mark Bentley, Director, ShareSoc

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