End of Life for Previous ShareSoc Members’ Network

It is now more than a year since we released a major upgrade to ShareSoc’s website, fully described here: https://www.sharesoc.org/sharesoc-news/sharesoc-website-upgrade/. A key aspect of this upgrade was the integration of forum functionality previously provided by our separate members’ network website. That website is based on the Ning software service.

As our new forums have now been operating successfully for more than a year, we intend to discontinue the old Ning site within the next month. Before the transition recent/important content was migrated from Ning to our current website. However, not all older forum content was migrated.

Therefore, if you would like to preserve any other content from the old members’ network, please do so ASAP and repost to the new forums. Any such content not reposted will be lost when we discontinue our Ning subscription.

Please note that if you became a ShareSoc Full Member since April 2020, you will not have had access to our old members’ network, so this issue is not relevant to you.

Mark Bentley, Director, ShareSoc

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