Cable’s Pay Reforms – A step in the right direction

PRESS RELEASE 27 (20/06/2012)

ShareSoc (the “UK Individual Shareholders Society”) welcomes the publication by Vince Cable of more details on how he intends to reform the pay of company directors. In our view this is a worthwhile step toward ensuring that remuneration policies are more reasonable in future.

ShareSoc Chairman Roger Lawson had this to say: “It is clear that the pay of senior executives has got out of control and no longer bears any relationship to the growth in company profits in many companies. Pay in some companies has become morally indefensible and this has been undermining sound business management. It is also contrary to the interests of the owners (i.e. the shareholders) of these companies. Mr Cable’s proposals will help to rectify that state of affairs”.

Mr Cable’s proposals are very much in line with ShareSoc’s submissions to his review of this area. But we suggest that there are other steps that also need to be taken if the upward “creep” of pay is to be tackled. For example, the need to reform who devises remuneration policy and sets the level of pay, and more specifically the composition of Remuneration Committees and the way remuneration consultants operate.

We would also have preferred to see the requirement for pay policy to be supported by a larger majority than 50%, to ensure that there was a wide support from shareholders for pay proposals. In addition, we would have preferred to see the same policies that have been announced applied to AIM companies where there is widespread abuse at present and where shareholders have difficulty making the directors accountable. Neither of these two issues have been mentioned in today’s announcement.

Some of the details of the legislation are as yet unclear. But the reporting of a single figure for remuneration is certainly also a step forward in ensuring that shareholders can and do understand what they are supporting in respect of pay.


Our wider views on how remuneration in public companies should be reformed were given in our responses to the past BIS consultation – see (items dated 3/11/2011).

The announcements today by Mr Cable from the BIS are present here:

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