August 2018

Editorial, Beaufort Client Campaign, Please Allow Us to Keep in Touch, Hedging Against Brexit, Royal Mail Remuneration, Voting at General Meetings – Link Asset Services, FRC Developments, Investment Platforms Market Study, Inheritance Tax Simplification Review – A Reply, Who Owns IQE?, UK Corporate Governance Code and new Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018, Premier Foods AGM – Gavin Darby dodges a bullet, Premier Foods and stock lending, GB Group AGM, Facebook/ Rightmove Plc (RMV)/ Alliance Trust (ATST), Perils of a Craft Monopoly, Duty of Care or Fiduciary Duty to Investors?, Book Review – Debtonator: How Debt Favours the Few and Equity Can Work For All of Us., Book Review – The Art of Execution: How the world’s best investors get it wrong and still make millions, Material from Recent ShareSoc Events, AGM Reports, Events Calendar

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