We’re hiring! Can you help us to recruit a General Manager?

Having reached our 10 year anniversary in 2021, we are excited to enter a new era of our organisation in 2022 to be even more inclusive of investors from all walks of life and experience levels, including millennials and ‘gen z’ who are increasingly joining the UK’s investor base.

As part of this development, we are seeking to recruit a dynamic and ambitious General Manager, who can lead us through the exciting transformation of our organisation to a fully progressive organisation fit to represent today’s individual investors. This exciting role will suit an energetic, strategic and forward-thinking digital native, with proven experience in growing social networks and a membership base. A background in the not-for-profit or charity sector and/or experience in stock market or alternative investing will be an asset.

Please click here to read the job specification for the role of General Manager. If you or anyone you know fits the criteria indicated and wish to apply, please email your CV and interest in applying to info@firstflightnonexec.com under role # 1168 or phone Wendy on 01797 270920 for more information.

Closing Date for Applications: Thursday 23rd December 2021

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