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ShareSoc Director Cliff Weight has been leading a campaign to reform remuneration in public companies – something that is now of interest to Prime Minister Theresa May it seems and other Members of Parliament. We have now set up a public page on our web site to cover what we have published in this area and activities to date. It is present here.

Reports that highlight remuneration issues are available to ShareSoc full members here:

There is also a discussion forum for remuneration matters available to full members here:

Excessive director remuneration surely needs tackling and will continue to grow faster than the pay of other workers unless some of the root causes are reformed. Directors should not determine their own pay, directly or indirectly, and institutional fund managers need to take a stand on the matter. But pay needs to be examined and controlled before it gets to a vote of shareholders when it is too late to do much as the English hate confrontation.

Well at least that’s my view.

Roger Lawson

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