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This page contains a list of the contents of all past newsletters issued by ShareSoc. Our Newsletters contain a mixture of topical news items and longer, more in-depth, analyses and reports.

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August 2011

AGMs, HBOS/Lloyds RBS & B&B, Northern Rock, Bglobal and Carpetright, 3i Group, Fund Fees, Tender offers and Pooled Nominee Accounts, Trading Turmoil Failures, Junior ISAs, Bamboo Bonds, Foresight VCTs, Shareholder Action Groups, Women on Boards, Book Review - Keep Calm and Carry On, Share Buy-Backs and Halfords, Fund Rebates and the RDR, Software Radio Technology, Paper Annual Reports.

July 2011

Vince Cable Consultations, PV Crystallox Solar, 3i Group, Langbar Conviction, Bank of Ireland and West Bromwich B.S. PIBS, From the Blog, Medicsight, Cheques Reprieved, Updates on Past Editions, Companies Not Valued on Profits - IT Companies, Nominee Accounts - Attending and Voting at General Meetings, Healthcare Locums, Book Review - Selecting Shares that Perform, Claiming Back Withholding Taxes, RBS and the Asset Protection Scheme, How Not to Measure a Business - By its Rate of Return?

June 2011

Performance Analysis & Statpro, ShareSoc Manifesto, Media Corporation, News on Members Network, From the Blog, IP Group AGM Report, Updates on Past Editions, Valuing Unprofitable Companies, Members Meeting Report, Pre-Pack Administrations, ShareSoc Writes to Vince Cable, Book Review: Picking Winning Shares, Solar Energy and PV Crystallox Solar, Voting and Crest Accounts, Directors Pay, Euroinvestors, WFIC, Northern Rock and MWB Business Exchange, Regulation FD.

May 2011

Director Appointment, Kings Arms Yard VCT, Delcam, ShareSoc News Blog, Benefits of Mergers, ShareSoc Manifesto, Updates on Past Editions, What Makes a Good Company?, The Evils of Inflation, Book Reviews: Free Capital and Don't Count on It!, Investment Scams, Members Meeting, Member Survey Results, The Phoenix 4, Tesco, Looking for Information?, Members Network Launch.

April 2011

Alterian, Smartfocus, Alliance Trust, Dunedin Enterprise, MBL, DRAX AGM, Bank Action Groups, Healthcare Locums, Budget Review, Bluehone AIM VCT, Book Review: Concise Guide to ETFs, Pre-Pack Administrations, Revenue Recognition, Abcam, Geong, Bank & Insurance Funds, Private Sector Job Growth, Share Buy-Backs, Independent Commission on Banking (ICB), West Bromwich B.S., BP AGM.
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