The Times, 22 Feb 2020, “Small investors plot to foil Anglo’s Sirius offer”

ShareSoc and SSSG team member Yasmin Ismael were mentioned in a long article in The Times on Saturday which highlighted the desire of some shareholders in Sirius Minerals to invest in a further fund raise rather than accept the current Anglo Takeover offer  in Sirius.

The Times reported that:

Ms Ismail ….  has joined forces with others through ShareSoc, the organisation that supports retail investors, which secured a meeting with management and broached the possibility of existing shareholders stumping up the $600 million (about £460 million) that the company needs to fund the next two years’ work.

For the avoidance of doubt, ShareSoc is not plotting to foil Anglo’s offer. Those are the words of The Times’ headline writer. Our evaluation of the voting considerations is here