The Telegraph, 16 Nov 2020, Moderna briefed out market-moving Covid jab data before general release

In this article:, The Telegraph quotes ShareSoc director, Mark Bentley:

Mark Bentley, a board member of ShareSoc, which represents individual
shareholders, called on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to look into the
practice of companies releasing market-moving information under embargo.

Institutional investors can use leaked information to inform decisions and this could
be damaging to individual shareholders who effectively end up on the other side of
those trades, he said. There is no evidence of leaks in this case.

Mr Bentley said: “Market-sensitive information being disseminated widely, even with
embargo warnings on it, is a risk and I think it’s something the FCA should have a look

“An embargoed press release can be distributed very widely. And obviously, with that
many people having access to it, it’s virtually certain to leak before the embargo time.”