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Investors Chronicle, 18 Dec 2020, ShareSoc mentioned in 2 articles

Investors Chronicle (read by 30,000 subscribers ) has just given us two lovely name checks. This highlights the way that ShareSoc is increasingly seen as a powerful shareholder campaigning organisation and the source of reliable information about markets.

The former article comes from the hard work we did establishing links with Primary Bid, which is, some months later, being reflected in press coverage. The article, written by James Dean, CEO of Primary Bid, explains the progress with getting access to placings for individual investors and the ongoing campaign to increase or better still remove the €8m limit. The article notes…

“despite ShareSoc’s valiant efforts most UK investors are merely beneficial owners and therefore unable to cast an annual meeting vote let alone demand pre-emption rights from companies raising capital. That attenuated relationship, in which corporate issuers are unable to identify or communicate digitally with their retail shareholders, seems strangely at odds with democratising forces present in almost every other industry. Could we be the ex-bankers who used the power of ‘fintech’ to upgrade the UK’s vaunted public markets? Could we give the individual shareholder a seat at the table?”


The second article is a result of Karin Schulte’s initiative to put key statistics on our website in a way that was easy for journalists to access, see them and use. The structure, with clearly shown data and sources attributed makes it easy for journalists to quote us, in this context in the esteemed company with Bloomberg Intelligence.

“Analysis published midway through the year by Larry Tabb, head of market structure analysis at Bloomberg Intelligence, showed individual stock trading at a 10-year high, with US retail trades estimated at 19.5 per cent of all US order flows, around double the rate from 2010. Figures from ShareSoc suggest that level of participation was mirrored on this side of the Atlantic, with retail stockbrokers reporting record trading volumes, in turn underpinning the relief rally during the second quarter of 2020.”