FT, 21 Oct 2020, UK Dividends cuts deliver another blow to investors

The FT https://www.ft.com/content/0dc67672-7c6f-441a-a069-05f4828b0b2d reported on dividends’ cuts including quotes from Cliff Weight of ShareSoc,

‘Investor groups said they supported companies being “prudent”, but were worried about payouts. “Many private investors will be relying on dividends to fund their retirement,” said Cliff Weight, director of ShareSoc, a pressure group for small investors. He also pointed to what looked like an unsustainable situation before the pandemic, when dividends had been rising ever higher. “Everyone knew it was unlikely to continue.” ‘

 I had a chat with Madison Darbyshire on the phone yesterday and made the point that many companies, pre Covid, had very high dividends (6 to 10%+ yields) which looked unsustainable and she reflected this in her final paragraph.

Cliff Weight, Director, ShareSoc