Daily Mail, 29 July 2020, ShareSoc Criticises Vodafone Decision to List £18bn Towers Business in Frankfurt

Daily Mail: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-8569181/Vodafone-shareholders-miss-Frankfurt-float.html

Shareholder campaign group criticises Vodafone decision to list £18bn towers business in Frankfurt rather than London

Sharesoc said the move would make UK private investors less likely to take part in the float, and give the towers firm access to a smaller pool of capital…

…Cliff Weight, director of Sharesoc, said: ‘Vodafone’s roots are in Britain and it has a large number of British shareholders. They would much rather have shares in a UK-listed firm and will be more cautious about having shares in a company abroad.’

He also said London had several other advantages, including access to larger pools of capital that could help the new business grow. He added: ‘The recent experience of Wirecard in Frankfurt has done no favours for the city’s image.’