Leader Shell: Leading the Way for AGMs in Covid Times

Shell has today announced a webcast for all shareholders, ahead of the proxy voting deadline for its AGM.

It’s slightly disappointing that only written questions will be taken, preferably submitted ahead of the webcast. It’s also a bit of a concern that the webcast is only two days before the proxy voting deadline, which may not be sufficient time for those holding shares in nominee accounts to submit their votes. It is understandable that Shell may not have been able to set a more relaxed timetable, given that this is new for the Shell board. Nevertheless, we feel that giving shareholders an opportunity to question and hear from management before making their final voting decisions is crucial when physical AGMs are impossible. We therefore applaud Shell for at least trying to do this (even if not achieved perfectly).

Well done, Shell!

Mark Bentley, Director, ShareSoc

Disclosure: I do not hold shares in Shell directly.

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