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    Cliff Weight

      Here is how to do it (to make sure your vote is counted in the Court Hearing test of the views of the majority of shareholders in number) if you hold shares via Interactive Investor. You phone them up and ask them to transfer one share into paper certificated form and they will charge you £42 to do this. You can ask them to do this by sending them a secure message but phoning was very easy and the person I spoke to (Laurah with and h at the end) was very helpful and understood what I was talking about. She said it may take 5 working days. I do not expect the court hearing will happen until a few days after the EGM, so there is plenty of time, but it is best to get one’s ducks in a row now and be prepared.
      It is a nuisance having to pay £42, but there is nothing we can do about this in the short term. I think Halifax ShareDealing only charge £20 and Hargreaves do not charge anything.

      The phone number for interactive investor is Telephone from the UK: 0345 607 6001
      Phoning from overseas: +44 113 346 2309
      I asked Laurah to let her colleagues know that she might expect around 100 customers to make this request, and she promised to do so. I expect Hargreaves will get 200+ similar requests.

      Cliff Weight

        Ganfeng decided against a scheme of arrangement so the above process is no longer necessary.

        Ganfeng have made a contractual offer.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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