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    Julian Strickland

      IG provide ISA, Stockbroking and spreadbetting accounts. They can facilitate an SIPP through a third party.
      They have a useful APP for trading on the move.
      You can hold cash in foreign currency with the stockbroking account to avoid excess FX fees.
      I find that their alerts for stocks are flexible and usefull i.e you can set an alert when the 3 crosses the 8 MA of price.
      Recently however they are let down in my opinion on the poor customer service. When the site goes down they don’t answer the phone and the chat help does not work. They seem to think that a customer forum is an acceptable substitute for customer service.

      Mike Newman

        I’ve had a spreadbetting account with IG for many years which I use to trade options as profits are tax free, unlike options trading profits with a ‘proper’ broker are taxable unless in a SIPP (options can’t be traded in an ISA). I’ve recently opened a shares and an ISA account with IG which so far seems to work well with a useful range of web site features. Their trading web site uses all the screen width, so more info can be displayed – unlike say HL with lots of unused space down each side of the screen. The IG accounts can’t trade ‘funds’ which I don’t use anyway. I do agree that their customer service has deteriorated since before Covid.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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