The True Cost of Childcare, 8 Mar 2024

Ahead of a general election later this year, the high cost and poor availability of UK childcare has shot up the political agenda.
But campaigners argue recent reforms have not gone far enough. Flexible working is an important part of the solution, and encouraging steps have been made towards legislating for this – but are bosses really sold on the benefits? And what might the opposition Labour party do differently if it takes over from the ruling Conservatives? What can the UK learn from other countries?

In honour of International Women’s Day, the Financial Times is hosting a free one-hour online lunch and learn event, organised in partnership with the FT’s Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign charity and the FT Women employee network, which will examine the impact of childcare costs on women’s finances, careers and future earnings potential – and why everyone needs to play a part in solving one of society’s big injustices.

Alongside discussing effects on mothers’ finances and careers, the conversation will also focus on the related financial impact on older women if they are having to care for grandchildren.

The Q&A, featuring prominent campaigners and financial experts, will be chaired by Claer Barrett, the FT’s consumer editor and presenter of the Money Clinic podcast.

Click here for further details and to register