ShareSoc Webinar with Zinc Media Group Plc (ZIN)

Company: Zinc Media Group Plc (ZIN)
16th April 2024
Time: 5pm
Format: Webinar
Presenter: Mark Browning (CEO)

Company Information:
Zinc Media Group is a leading force in the UK’s television and multimedia arena, renowned for its outstanding factual TV productions and diverse content offerings. It is the only TV content creator listed on the London Stock Exchange, earning widespread acclaim for its engaging storytelling abilities. This recognition has built trust with broadcasters, brands, and businesses around the globe. Zinc Media operates from several locations across the UK and has expanded into Qatar, boasting a vast portfolio that includes celebrated programmes like ‘Putin vs The West’ and ‘Inside Obama’s White House’, covering a wide range of genres. Its expansion beyond television into post-production, corporate films, podcasts, and branded content demonstrates its innovative and multi-faceted approach. The company’s 12 labels, such as Brook Lapping and Tern, together with Bumblebee for post-production and the commercial content division Zinc Communicate & The Edge Picture Company, highlights its presence in the industry.

Speaker’s bio:
Mark Browning (CEO)

Mark Browning is the Chief Executive Officer of Zinc Media Group Plc, he leads the UK’s only TV content creation company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Before Zinc, as ITN Productions’ Group Managing Director (2009-2019), he rescued ITN from near bankruptcy, steering it towards significant profitability and diversification. Browning’s leadership heralded ITN’s first Oscar nomination in 2017 for a film on the Syrian civil war, secured major contracts including English Premier League productions, and collaborated on ‘The Queen’s Green Planet’ with Queen Elizabeth II and Sir David Attenborough. Under his guidance, ITN became a top 5 UK independent TV producer, bagging every major international award. Previously, at Heart, now the UK’s largest commercial radio brand, he propelled Heart London to the top by redefining its identity and introducing notable presenters. Browning’s career transitioned from teaching to media, where he became an award-winning journalist and then a media executive. His expertise spans across television, advertising, sports, education, digital, and radio. Renowned for transforming media entities and instilling new cultures, Browning is celebrated for his ability to inspire teams towards achieving peak creative and commercial outcomes.


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Event Details:
  • Event: ShareSoc Webinar with Zinc Media Group Plc (ZIN) - 16 April 2024
  • Date: 16/04/2024
  • Time: Presentation Starts at 5pm
  • Location: Webinar
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Event Details:
  • Event ShareSoc Webinar with Zinc Media Group Plc (ZIN) - 16 April 2024
  • Date 16/04/2024
  • Time Presentation Starts at 5pm
  • Location Webinar
  • Description Presenter: Mark Browning (CEO)
    Update on Company Current Performance & Future Plans
    Q&A session