ShareSoc Masterclass @ Mello Trusts & Funds, 15 May 2019

An Educational & Entertaining Evening for Investors

We are delighted to announce that ShareSoc will be running another of our popular Masterclasses at the Mello Trusts and Funds investor conference, which takes place at the Clayton Hotel in Chiswick on the 15th May. The theme for this Masterclass will be “Mastering Investor Psychology”.

Many studies have shown that retail investors, even in funds, have tended to underperform market averages, with the chief reason being psychological weaknesses that we tend to succumb to. This Masterclass will help you understand what those weaknesses are and how you can overcome them to achieve better returns.

The Masterclass will run from 17.35 to 20.15 (with a 15 minute break from 18:45 – 19:00). We are offering a first-class panel of speakers, chaired by ISA millionaire, Leon Boros. Admission to the Masterclass is from 17.20. Each panellist will speak for 20 minutes on their chosen topic, followed by 10 minutes of panel discussion and audience Q&A. The event will conclude with 15 minutes of open Q&A.

A bar and restaurant are available on site, so you can socialise with your fellow investors and panel members.


    * This is a ticket-only event organised by ShareSoc, and is a separate event from Mello Trusts and Funds. Tickets to Mello Trusts and Funds do not entitle you to entry to the Masterclass. The Masterclass is organised by ShareSoc volunteers and our panellists and chair have kindly volunteered their time too. We would also like to thank the Mello organisation for providing the facilities, also without charge to ShareSoc. Our modest admission charges help to support ShareSoc activities and operating costs.

    * Access to the venue is possible no earlier than 3 pm, unless you have also purchased a Mello Trusts and Funds entry ticket. Tickets to Mello Trusts and Funds can be purchased by clicking here. Note that full members of ShareSoc can obtain a 50% discount off the price of a Mello Trusts and Funds ticket. Contact our office if you do not know the discount code.

    The full ticket price for this Masterclass is £49.50. Full members of ShareSoc are entitled to a 40% discount off this price, for themselves and up to one guest. Full members will receive an email with a coupon code that activates this discount. If you do not have your coupon code, please contact the ShareSoc office to get it. Anyone can purchase a ticket by completing the form below, but non-members of ShareSoc will be granted free Associate Membership as this event is exclusive to ShareSoc Members.



    Our Panel

    Tim Richards

    Tim Richards is a behavioural psychologist and an active private investor – thus proving that knowledge doesn’t necessarily make one wiser. He’s the author of the Psy-Fi Blog and various books on behavioural finance, the study of the psychology of investors and the effects of cognitive biases on returns. In his spare time he designs specialist IT systems for financial companies.

    Tim will be speaking about behavioural finance, the study of the psychology of investing, which has revealed a range of common cognitive biases that impact investor returns. He’ll be covering the most common biases, their effects and some of the ways that people can transform their returns by making small changes to their investing focus.



    Peter Higgins

    Peter Higgins (also known as Conkers on Twitter @conkers3) is the founder and Managing Director of Conkers3 Ltd.

    The goal of Conkers3 is to inspire, support and guide investors and business leaders to achieve success in their investing or business journey. Conkers3 does this by providing 3 core services: Interviews (podcasts/videos), marketing/research articles and events.

    Peter is a successful long-term private investor, presenter and interviewer who places a high degree of importance on the psychology of investing based upon 25 years of experience.

    He conceived and produces the popular podcasts and video interviews called Conkers’ Corner. Participants in these interviews have included more than 10 millionaire investors and one billionaire investor as well as many Fund Managers, Private Investors, Business Leaders, CEOs and CFOs.

    Peter is also the creator and co-presenter of a new podcast called “Twin Petes Investing” where he discusses investing strategies, stock market related insights and topical political issues. You can find all of Peter’s content and services via his Conkers3 website

    Peter will contribute his thoughts and learnings about how to master your psychology and overcome the biases identified by Tim.


    Edward Page-Croft, CFA

    Edward Croft is co-founder and CEO of He previously worked as a wealth manager at Goldman Sachs and for a family office before founding Stockopedia. Ed is an Oxford Scholar, Chartered Financial Analyst and Zend-Certified PHP Engineer. Ed has been a keynote speaker at the UK’s biggest investment conferences for many years & is a regular columnist and commentator on stock markets. He is the author of several investing books and blogs regularly on social media. He lives in Oxfordshire with his wife & three children.

    Ed will speak about how systematic investing techniques can be used to overcome cognitive biases in order to improve your returns.


    Alun Morris

    Alun is a classic personality type for a successful private investor: a perfectionist engineer and cheapskate who has found a new home in value investing. As @MrContrarian he writes a daily pre-open smallcap news update. He has come to believe that investor psychology and self knowledge is as important as analytical skill and in fact probably more important.

    He has presented at Mello events on behavioural investing.

    Alun will talk on “Pigs won’t fly – four investment crash scene investigations.”


    Masterclass Chair

    Leon Boros, BA (hons) FCA

    Leon will lead this event, applying his experience as a successful private investor, having achieved “ISA Millionaire” status, and corporate advisor. Leon is formerly a director of ShareSoc and currently Managing Director of Equity Strategies, an advisory firm that he founded.

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    Event Details:
    • Event: ShareSoc Masterclass @ Mello Trusts & Funds
    • Date: 15/05/2019
    • Time: 5:20 PM
    • Location: Clayton Hotel
    • Address: 626 Chiswick High Rd
    • City: London
    • Postcode: W4 5RY
    • Country: UK
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    Event Details:
    • Event ShareSoc Masterclass @ Mello Trusts & Funds
    • Date 15/05/2019
    • Time 5:20 PM
    • Location Clayton Hotel
    • Address 626 Chiswick High Rd
    • City London
    • Postcode W4 5RY
    • Country UK
    • Description This Masterclass will focus on "Mastering Investor Psychology"