Shares Investor Webinar
7 September 2022

Join Shares Magazine and AJ Bell Media for their webinar on 7 September 2022, which can be accessed from wherever you are!

The webinar will feature:
CentralNic Group (CNIC) is a UK-headquartered tech company achieving over 60% annual organic growth selling recurring revenue services. CentralNic is now over 200 times the size it was when it IPO-ed less than a decade ago. It has grown its profits every year and has been called “a cash generation machine.”

Henderson European Focus Trust (HEFT) seeks to maximise total return (a combination of income and capital growth) from a portfolio of stocks listed in Europe. The portfolio can hold companies of any size but has a strong bias towards large cap.

Kavango Resources (KAV) is an exploration group targeting the discovery of mineral deposits in Botswana. The company’s operating segment include Exploration and Corporate. Its projects include Kalahari Suture Zone; Ditau and Kalahari Copper Belt.

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