Shares Investor Webinar
29 September 2022

Join Shares Magazine and AJ Bell Media for their webinar on 29 September 2022, which can be accessed from wherever you are!

The webinar will feature:
Angle (AGL) – Angle’s proven patent-protected platforms include an epitope-independent circulating tumour cell (CTC) harvesting technology and a downstream analysis system for cost-effective, highly multiplexed analysis of nucleic acids and proteins.

Atome Energy (ATOM) is the first green hydrogen and ammonia production company listed on the UK market with large-scale production planned in Iceland and Paraguay targeting the fast-growing global demand for green products.

Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust (HSL) aims to maximise shareholders’ total returns (capital and income) by investing in smaller companies that are quoted in the United Kingdom. We do this by following a disciplined process of investment in a diversified portfolio of companies which benefit from sustainable growth trends, and by controlling costs and using borrowings to enhance returns.

Seraphim Space Investment Trust (SSIT) are the global leader in SpaceTech investment. We endlessly explore the ecosystem to discover and invest in the brightest minds and smartest ideas which will provide trailblazing, high-value solutions that disrupt, transform and improve life as we know it.

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