Retirement Money Show
8 December 2022

The aim of the Retirement Money Show is to help educate, empower and inform all people interested in their wealth in retirement. If you already have, or are looking to use, a financial adviser to help you make investing decisions then the webinars could help you understand the financial retirement landscape better and what questions to ask. If you are making your own decisions about where to put your money to work the webinars will give you some ideas for building and managing your portfolio and how to approach your investing strategy in these turbulent times.

The Retirement Money Show consists of two webinars, the first focused on the growth stage of your investments for when you are trying to build your retirement nest egg and will look at how to be tax efficient, and the second webinar covers the transition to generating an income from your investments, living off your investments and pension. The webinars are free to join. You can sign up to one or both sessions.

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