IR Magazine Webinar – A new era of shareholder democracy
7th February 2023

This is a third-party event.

Date: 7th February 2023
Time: 4pm (GMT)

There is a new push underway for greater shareholder democracy. Retail investors are demanding more of a say in the companies they invest in, driven by their interest in sustainability issues like climate change and diversity. Companies, meanwhile, are under pressure to take into account the interests of all stakeholders, including retail investors, when setting strategy and running the business.

In this webinar you will learn about:
•    The growing involvement of retail investors in corporate decision-making
•    Ways companies can improve investor engagement and garner support for management decisions
•    Technological changes that are facilitating more investor voting activity

Speakers include:
Moderator: Tim Human, senior reporter, IR Magazine
Cynthia Alers, director of investor relations, RM
Robert Irvin, founder and director, RMS Partners
Michael Kempe, head of business development, Proxymity
Neil Shah, director, Edison Group

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