AGMs – a great webinar from CSFI

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I think you will find this well worth listening to. It is 46 mins. It is a bit technical, so educational for some ShareSoc members and intellectually stimulating for others.


The CSFI has produced a new discussion, titled ‘Virtual AGMs: just the start of overdue changes in the way companies communicate with shareholders’

Why you should watch:

  1. Technology has made it easier to run virtual AGMs, but barriers remain between the end investor – especially in pooled accounts – and the board.
  2. The single meeting could be split between voting and debating companies issues, which would also spread out a congested schedule.
  3. Shareholder democracy is about more than technology: ‘eye-balling’ the board will always have its place but in a world of fragmented ownership, meaningful communication with the mass of shareholders has some way to go.

Moderator: Jane Fuller (Co-director, CSFI)


Sarah Wilson is founder and chief executive of Minerva Analytics, which provides investors with customised support in exercising their rights, including voting policies and ESG research. Over 30 years, she has been closely involved in creating electronic proxy voting services and in producing research for regulators and asset owners and managers.

Jonathan Smalley is Co-founder and COO of Proxymity, a new investor communications platform that includes solutions for proxy voting and shareholder disclosure. Proxymity was born out of Citi’s internal accelerator and has been spun out with the backing of several large institutions. He joined Citi Bank 2010, working in asset servicing and custody product development, and has served on industry-wide committees.

Guy Jubb is an Honorary Professor at the University of Edinburgh and the Chair of the European Corporate Governance Institute. He was formerly Global Head of Governance & Stewardship at Standard Life Investments. In life after Standard Life, he is an influential commentator, advises companies and regulators, including the PCAOB in the US, and is a non-executive of Mazars LLP.

I have been a member of the CSFI for many years and have enjoyed attending their events from time to time (and occasionally speaking). They are mostly held at lunchtime in one of the Guild Halls with 50 to 80 attendees with sandwiches and a glass of squash or wine for those who are not too busy in the afternoon. They have now switched to webinars and these are free and open to all.


Cliff Weight, Director, ShareSoc.

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