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Recording of ShareSoc’s Webinar with Ergomed

This is the recording of ShareSoc’s Webinar with Ergomed, which took place on 6th October 2020.

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  1. Alan Selwood says:

    A very interesting presentation which brought to my attention a company that I had not previously noticed. The company’s dynamics sound very favourable, and it is good to see a situation where there is good profitability even in times of pandemic, net cash, scope to expand using that cash for small acquisitions, and also funds available to make larger purchases. The margins being made look attractive, the ‘moat’ surrounding the company’s competitiveness at least reasonable; the existence of contracted business gives a feeling of stability to revenues and profits for the next few years. If the current evidence is anything to go by, there is a strong chance of this company being another Bioventix or Abcam in terms of investor potential for some time to come. Very positive.

    As for the presentation itself, it did suffer a bit from the typical “Zoom presentation quirks” of occasional dropouts, and in terms of content, I think there was a little too much use of : “…which I’ll come back to…”, indicating that a little more polish of the content before the presentation would have helped. However, I did get the sense that he knew what mattered in profit terms, and would be an able participant in ensuring that the company’s direction was firmly aimed at improving all aspects of the business year by year to maximise long-term revenue generation by building up those parts of the business that had strong and growing scope for profitability.

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