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An Urgent Call to Include Individual Shareholders in New Issues – Sign Now!

Treat all shareholders fairly. There is no need to ignore individual shareholders in raising funds. Sign the petition now

The Times reported today 20 April 2020 our letter (see which was co-signed by Mark Northway, Chairman of ShareSoc, our Patron Lord Lee (John Lee) , PrimaryBid and an impressive list of industry heavyweights. We have been working closely with PrimaryBid on this initiative. The Times article is here:

This is an urgent call for UK PLCs, industry bodies, regulators, investors, investment banks and the financial ecosystem to protect individual shareholder rights during upcoming capital raises.

We have been campaigning for years about the need to preserve and restore individual shareholder rights. This is another example of how we are being successful in drawing attention to the problems individual shareholders face and one where we have, together with PrimaryBid, proposed a potential solution.

It is important that as many people as possible to sign the petition, to put pressure on issuers. Please can you do so now. Please can you also forward this request to your friends and acquaintances who might also support and sign the petition. Click here to sign the petition.

Thank you for your help.

Cliff Weight

Director, Policy and Campaigns



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