Have you been scammed by AIM?

One of ShareSoc’s primary objectives is to protect the interests of individual shareholders. Sadly, many investors have lost significant sums through outright fraud, misrepresentation or market abuse occurring amongst AIM listed stocks. As a response to this, we have launched our AIM Campaign.

We are delighted that professional journalists, working for a medium with a broad audience, now wish to bring this scandal to the attention of the wider public, especially in relation to the numerous failures of Chinese companies quoted on AIM. Not only will this help protect investors from falling into the same traps, but we expect that it will help us to raise the pressure for action to be taken, leading ultimately to the improved enforcement of existing regulations that we seek.

These journalists would like to speak to any investors who have suffered as a result of the abuses mentioned in the first paragraph. If you are such an investor, would like to see action taken and would be prepared to speak about your experiences, please get in touch with me ASAP, and if your case seems suitable, I will put you in touch with the journalists working on this story. I can be contacted by email on mark.bentley(at)sharesoc.org (replace “(at)” with @ in the email address).

This is your chance to help put an end to this malpractice. Rest assured that we will continue to pressure the relevant authorities to take action. The more evidence there is of ordinary investors suffering, the easier it will be for us to make that case. Time is limited, as this story will be going out in the near future, so please respond without delay, if you think you can help.

Thanks for reading this and for your assistance.

Mark Bentley