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Netcall AGM Report – it was not crowded!

There was no crowd at the Netcall Annual General Meeting today – indeed only me for the meeting, other than the directors and the corporate folks, which was over in about 15 minutes. There would have been a second person but it seems he was in reception and was not told the meeting had started.  A tip for attendees at AGMs – the meeting almost always start on time so if you have not been invited into the room by the appointed time you ought to ask what is happening.

Netcall is an AIM listed software company that provides “customer engagement solutions” to over 700 organisations. That means communication via multiple channels between these organisations and their clients/customers. I think that includes public sector bodies sending you those annoying text messages that remind you that you have an appointment tomorrow. But no doubt they do a lot more than that.

There is a full report of the meeting here. It would have helped to have more shareholders present with experience of the company so that they could ask some more penetrating questions.

So if you are a shareholder in this company, please turn up next year!

Roger Lawson

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