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Comparison of Woodford Claims

The Investors Chronicle have published on 30 March 2021 a useful table comparing the 4 ongoing Woodford Claims:

ShareSoc endorsed the Leigh Day Claim, in November 2020 on the basis of information available at that time. The table highlights that the Leigh Day claim and Harcus Parker claim are both against Link, both have funding and insurance, and similar numbers of claimants, but Leigh Day is only charging 30% versus 42% for Harcus Parker.

RGL is only part funded and says on its website front page that the fee will be 25%, but in its small print notes this is subject to funding and insurance. Slater and Gordon have not disclosed their fees and currently do not have funding or insurance in place. Both RGL and Slater and Gordon’s claims are against Hargreaves Lansdown as well as Link and this may be attractive to some people.

Nelsons, which had considered cases against both, has since opted not to move forward with the claims for commercial reasons. I have been told they are recommending their potential claimants to now transfer to Leigh Day or Slater and Gordon.

More information is in the IC article


Cliff Weight, Director, ShareSoc


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