Changes to ShareSoc’s Board

In recent months your chairman has found it increasingly difficult to reconcile the views of the ShareSoc board in certain areas of style and presentation, and this has started to impact the effective functioning of the society.

Following a lengthy discussion at the May board meeting, it was agreed that Roger Lawson will cease to be a director of ShareSoc.

ShareSoc owes a huge debt of gratitude to Roger. As founding chairman, he set the strategic direction for the Society and presided over its development into a multi-faceted organisation providing its members with information, education and networking facilities while campaigning on your behalf at both policy and company level. Roger is extremely knowledgeable and diligent, and has put an immense amount of work into the society. He has done all of this without receiving any form of remuneration.

Roger will be a lifetime honorary member of ShareSoc, and we hope that he will continue to be involved in specific campaigns and to provide input into the society’s blog and newsletters.

The board has recently undertaken a skills audit, and we are looking to attract new directors in the coming weeks.  Our intention is to further deepen the knowledge and resources available to your society, thereby increasing its appeal to a broader membership base.

Mark Northway