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ShareSoc Member Sunil Chadda Seeks a New SIPP Provider for P2P Loan Assets

Hartley Pensions SIPP & Exotic Assets

I wonder if anyone can help or perhaps finds themselves in the same rather unique position as myself?

I have a Hartley Pensions SIPP that is currently going through the administration process. The administrators are about to let us transfer our investments and cash out to another SIPP provider. My investments are in peer-to-peer corporate loans which were on the ThinCats platform, which is also in administration.

For this to make commercial sense to a new SIPP provider, I would have to transfer all of my cash and investments to them.

Has anybody who is in the same situation managed to navigate this and find a new SIPP provider who administers complex assets? I am looking for a SIPP Provider who is reliable, has a strong balance sheet, is cost-effective – and is not going to go under imminently.

I am sure that there must be other investors who have a Hartley SIPP and who hold exotic assets with ThinCats or on another peer-to-peer platform?

Any help would be gratefully received – I just don’t want to make the same mistake again just at the point of retirement.

Please comment on this article with any suggestions.

Sunil Chadda, ShareSoc member

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