Member Registration Page

The Alliance Trust Shareholder Action Group (ATSAG) was formed for the purpose of promoting the interests of shareholders in Alliance Trust Plc.  Our main concern is to improve the financial performance of the company by instituting some reforms to its strategy and other aspects of the company’s operations.

We invite you to register your interest by becoming a Member of the Action Group. We are asking for a Membership Fee so as to cover the administration costs of this Group which will be primarily the cost of printing and postage in communicating with shareholders, but may include the cost of legal or other advice (for example if meeting or resolution requisitions are considered), and any other associated costs.

There is a fixed one-time fee which is £12, £18 or £25 per shareholder depending on the number of shares you hold if you supply an email address, and this is a once only contribution. There are no other obligations associated with becoming a member of the Action Group.

To sign up for membership the simplest way to pay is via credit or debit card by completing the form below and then pressing the “Submit” button – this uses the secure Stripe payment system to process the payment. First select the number of shares you hold from the drop down menu (the fee is £12 if you hold less than 2,500 shares, £18 if you hold between 2,500 and 12,000 shares and £25 if you hold more than 12,000 shares). If you wish to pay by other means or require communications via post rather than email, please telephone 0333-200-1595.

  • American Express
    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

ShareSoc and ATSAG warrant that Membership fees paid in support of the Action Group will be applied solely to the benefit of the shareholders in Alliance Trust Plc and otherwise as the directors of ShareSoc see fit so as to pursue the interests of the current shareholders of Alliance Trust Plc. We will keep you informed on the progress of the campaign as best we can via email or post. The UK Individual Shareholders Society Ltd (otherwise known as ShareSoc) is a “not for profit” organisation registered in the form of a company limited by guarantee in England. Any funds remaining after cessation of the campaign will either be returned to members of the Action Group or used to support other campaigns on behalf of shareholders or to promote any of the other objects of ShareSoc.
Note that anyone who joins ATSAG as a member and who supplies an email address will also be granted FREE “Associate Membership” of ShareSoc which means you can:
  • Receive a free monthly newsletter.
  • Can attend our meetings.
  • Help us promote the interests of private investors
This will be of particular interest if you have other shareholdings in public companies. You can opt out of Associate Membership at any time by clicking on the opt-out link in our emails.