Kings Arms Yard VCT (KAY) AGM Report

This year’s Kings Arms Yard VCT AGM was held on Monday (May 21st 2019) starting at 11.00. The venue was the same as the previous eight AGMs since Albion took over as manager in 2011: The City of London Club, 19 Broad Street, London, EC2N 1DS. Sadly this is the last year they will hold it at this excellent venue due to a building refit, so next year it will be held at Albion’s new offices in Farringdon.

The Chairman Robin Field (RF) began by welcoming shareholders to the meeting and outlining the running order which started with a portfolio review by the Manager (including Q&A), we then had the formal AGM which was followed by a presentation by Steve Turley, the CEO at Perpetuum (one of the Spark/Quester legacy investee companies) and then finally lunch.

The Annual Report for year ending December 31st 2018 can

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