AAL – Anglo American Company Information and Vote Guidance 2022

ShareSoc introduced this new added value voting information service for Full Members only in 2021, providing background information on leading companies and AGM vote guidance. Initially, we are piloting this for FTSE30 companies, plus a few others in the FTSE100. We have decided to continue the pilot in 2022 and are looking at ways to […]

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  1. Robert Carswell Morrison says:

    The directors of Sirius Minerals should be held accountable for misleading their shareholders, of which I was one. AA will reap the rewards of their purchase of Sirius Minerals & no doubt will be rewarding themselves, again. I, as a small private investor in Sirius Minerals, lost £40k

  2. Cliff Weight says:

    I personally agree with Robert Morrison and have been trying hard to argue this point. However ShareSoc have been in contact with the FRC and FCA and they are showing no interest in pursuing the Sirius Minerals’ directors. ShareSoc have also written to the Parliamentary Select Committee asking them to look at this case, but they have refused to do so. I and many others have written to our MPs about this.

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