ShareSoc Webinar with Worldwide Healthcare Trust PLC (WWH) – 28 September 2021

Click here for the Stockopedia report. Click here for the PDF with additional answers to the questions submitted at the end of the webinar. 00:00 - Introduction & portfolio managers 03:10 - Assets under management 03:51 - Public equity team 05:15 - Orbimed Global Team 06:12 - Due diligence 08:45 - Why invest in healthcare 10:37 - Performance review FY 31/03/21 16:14 - Investment themes for 2021 18:50 - Innovation 25:44 - Emerging markets 28:18 - Key drivers for 2021 44:12 - Q&A session

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Worldwide Healthcare Trust and Investor Voting

I recently received the Annual Report of Worldwide Healthcare Trust (WWH). This is one of those companies that has stopped sending out proxy voting forms for their AGM. The Registrar is Link Asset Services who seem to be making it as difficult as possible for shareholders on the register to vote. You either have to contact them to request a proxy voting form, or register for their on-line portal. I don’t want to register (and the last time I tried it ...

Worldwide Healthcare Trust AGM – But No Proxy Voting Form

Today I attended the Annual General Meeting of Worldwide Healthcare Trust (WWH) in London. This is an investment trust focused on a portfolio of worldwide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. It has a very good long-term track record, consistently beating its benchmark and is the top performer of all UK investment trusts measured since formation. The fund manager is OrbiMed where Sam Isalay was the managing partner until recently when he departed under a cloud of sexual harassment claims. He also resigned from ...

Worldwide Healthcare Trust – Telegraph Omits Latest News

This morning (7/12/2017) the Daily Telegraph’s Questor column ran a puff on the Worldwide Healthcare Trust (WWH), a company which incidentally I do hold. It made such comments as “this trust has returned 16 per cent a year for 22 years, and it should keep on roaring”. The Trust fund is managed by Orbimed Capital LLC, and perhaps the unfortunate aspect of the above is the failure to mention the announcement by the Trust yesterday over serious allegations of sexual harassment against ...