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Verici DX (VRCI)

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Energy Caps, Verici DX, Equals and Paypoint

The views expressed in this article are those of its author and not necessarily those of ShareSoc. PM Truss's proposal is a cap on prices, not on overall cost so people with big houses with large gas consumption will still pay more. Fracking is also being permitted to boost local gas production. Truss did not give in to calls for this largess to be funded through a windfall tax. She said this would undermine the national interest by discouraging the very investment we ...

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EKF Diagnostics AGM, Verici DX & Renalytics 2021

I attended the Annual General Meeting of EKF Diagnostics (EKF) today via Zoom. This was one of the better organised electronic format AGMs I have attended. To quote from the company’s web site: “EKF Diagnostics is a global medical manufacturer of point-of-care and central lab devices and chemistry reagents including hemoglobin tests, HbA1c tests, glucose and lactate tests. EKF also manufactures and distributes products associated with COVID-19 pandemic”.  The latter has enabled the company to generate very high revenue growth recently ...