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A Review of my 2020 Share Portfolio – Chris Spencer-Phillips

Review of 2020 I wrote a review of my share portfolio (only an ISA) at the end of 2019 which ended the year 25% up which I was pleased about being a relative newcomer to investing. Surprisingly 2020 was an even better year albeit a bit of a roller coaster – my ISA was up 80%, if I include profits I made in my spread betting account, which I transferred into my ISA. I have been inspired by ISA Millionaires Leon Boris and ...

Report: Volex Webinar

I listened in to a Volex webinar on 11th November which was very well attended and presented. I have been a shareholder in Volex for some while and they have done very well achieving their targets of raising their gross margins by improving their product mix, dropping much of their lower margin cables business. Margins have been increased to 10.3% and they are doing well with their electric vehicle cables as the growth in this market continues. Volex have manufacturing operations in China, ...