Vipera PLC (VIP)

Vipera PLC (VIP)

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ShareSoc Events – Altrincham, Richmond and Brighton

This is a final reminder that we have a company seminar in Altrincham (near Manchester) next week (Tuesday the 27th September) with four interesting smaller companies presenting. These are:...

Corporate Remuneration Reports

Vipera Remuneration Report

Vipera presented at ShareSoc Richmond on 6 Sept 2016. I looked at their annual report and it looks an interesting company with a market cap of only £11m and turnover of £5m, which for a small IT company, the 2x turnover ratio gives it scope to grow. With CEO Marco Casartelli owning 11.76% and modest pay ( €60,000 in 2015) the executives reward is going to come mostly from equity gains. This form of reward structure I like and is a ...