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TrakM8: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

My attention this morning was drawn by an RNS from TrakM8, a company I used to own shares in but, thankfully have not since 2017. TrakM8 has proved a pretty awful investment for its shareholders, with its share price declining by some 70% in the last year alone and by more than 90% since its peak in late 2015. This is on the back of disappointing revenue growth, declining profits and weak cashflow, ultimately necessitating placings at 65p in 2017 and at ...

Johnston Press and TrakM8

Over the weekend, Johnston Press (JPR) was put into administration and immediately sold to a new group of companies controlled by the company’s bondholders. In other words this looks like a typical “pre-pack” administration where a company does not go through a proper administration process with an open sales process but is flogged off to in a fire sale to those who already know the business and see an opportunity to collect a bargain. Trade creditors will lose their money, shareholders will ...

AGM Reports

TrakM8 AGM REPORT 2017

It is a tad unusual for a company to hold its AGM in a public car park. But TrakM8 (TRAK), which provides telematic solutions to the transport and insurance industries, followed up its AGM in the car park of Coventry’s Ricoh Arena with a technology roadshow in a bid to convince investors and customers that it is a high-tech company with a future, and not just a chequered past. TRAK, a one time AIM growth stock, has struggled over the last 18 ...