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ShareSoc Webinar with Team Internet / CentralNic (TIG) – 06 September 2023

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ShareSoc Webinar with CentralNic (CNIC) – 10 June 2021

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ShareSoc Webinar with CentralNic plc (CNIC), 6 May 2020

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Blog posts

CentralNic, Photo-Me and Nationalisations

Firstly, lets talk about a couple of companies in which I hold no shares. CentralNic (CNIC) published interim results this morning. This company sells internet domain names and web...

Voting at General Meetings, Link Asset Services and CentralNic

CentralNic (CNIC) have announced that the proxy voting forms they sent out to shareholders on the register for their forthcoming General Meeting were invalid as it omitted a signature block. So they have sent them out again. As a shareholder in the company, I spotted the error and simply wrote my name and the date on the bottom of the form and signed it. That should suffice. It is a little known fact that you don’t actually need to use the proxy ...

CentralNic Placing Annoys Private Investors

This morning (8/12/2015), CentralNic Group announced the acquisition of Australian company Instra Group. Total cost is AU$33 million payable in cash and shares which will be supported by a mixture of debt and the issuance of new shares in a placing. Overall the new shares to be issued to the sellers and to institutional investors will represent 31% of the new overall equity so there is substantial dilution of existing investors taking place. But what is likely to annoy private investors is ...

AGM Reports

CentralNic Plc AGM 2017

Today I attended the Annual General Meeting of CentralNic Group Plc in a very sunny Central London, this will be unfortunately a short report as I was the only shareholder to attend. Chairman Mike Turner opened the meeting by introducing the other two board members present, Glenn Hayward (CFO) and Ben Crawford (CEO) before we then moved straight to the formal business of the meeting. The resolutions were to be voted on via a poll card, with questions being invited when each resolution ...

CentralNic (CNIC) AGM Report 2016

Well it's another day and despite the market falling and England losing to Iceland last night, I remain optimistic as always. I expected the market to fall again today as a result of the damage to morale of the football result but it's actually bounced back a bit. The price of CNIC does not seem to have moved much though during the recent turmoil, perhaps because there appears to be very little trading in the stock. I suspect few private investors ...