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Identity Theft – Experian, TalkTalk and Optimal Payments

There have been a spate of cases of digital identity theft or breaches of security from UK listed companies of late. Their shares prices have all been affected to a greater or lesser extent. On the 2nd October, Experian (EXPN) reported that 15 million US consumers who had applied for T-Mobile services had been the subject of theft of their personal information. T-Mobile is reviewing its relationship with the company, but the share price only suffered a temporary setback even though the ...

Media Mentions

The Times, 17 Oct 2020, Talktalk criticised over Toscafund takeover bid Cliff Weight, director of individual investor campaigning at Sharesoc, which represents retail shareholders, said that it likes companies where the directors have “skin in the game” and “prima facie it looks like Dunstone and Ross will act in the best interests of shareholders”. However, he added: “We would prefer if there were a majority of independent directors on the board of any quoted company, as one of the duties of directors is to ensure the rights of minority shareholders are respected. It ...