ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, February 2020

Click here to download Stockopedia Reports for all presenting companies. A report on the seminar from ShareSoc member Damian Cannon can be found here: Report on the seminar from Roger Lawson: I attended ShareSoc's Growth Company Seminar on Wednesday (12/2/2020). These events focus on smaller companies so they tend to be a very mixed bag. I will give some impressions of the companies presenting this week: DX Group (DX.) This is a parcels and document delivery service. In 2015 it hit difficulties after a failed ...

ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, Manchester, October 2019

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, November 2015

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A Review of my 2020 Share Portfolio – Chris Spencer-Phillips

Review of 2020 I wrote a review of my share portfolio (only an ISA) at the end of 2019 which ended the year 25% up which I was pleased about being a relative newcomer to investing. Surprisingly 2020 was an even better year albeit a bit of a roller coaster – my ISA was up 80%, if I include profits I made in my spread betting account, which I transferred into my ISA. I have been inspired by ISA Millionaires Leon Boris and ...