ShareSoc Webinar with Sainsbury’s plc (SBRY) – 22 May 2023

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ShareSoc & Yellowstone Webinar with Sainsbury’s plc (SBRY) – 1 June 2022

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ShareSoc Webinar with Sainsbury’s plc (SBRY) – 24 November 2021

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ShareSoc Webinar with Sainsbury’s (SBRY) , 24 November 2020

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Blog posts

Justin King ex-Sainsburys CEO – Supermarket Supply Chains, Profits and Share Prices

In the present environment its useful to get some insights into what’s happening in the food retail sector and how it's impacting the major players. I came across this 10 minute interview with Justin King which was filmed at the end of March and thought it may be of interest to members. Justin King, Formerly CEO of Sainsbury's and now an advisor to Supermarket Income REIT (LON: SUPR), answers a series of questions for the investor community. Justin discusses the supermarket sector. ...

Supermarket Winners and Losers – Ocado, M&S, Waitrose, Sainsburys and ASDA

As a recent purchaser of Ocado (OCDO) shares I have received the notice of a General Meeting to approve the deal with Marks & Spencer (MKS). The agreement is the formation of a new joint venture and will effectively replace the previous partnership with Waitrose (part of John Lewis) to provide own-brand products. This looks a very positive deal for Ocado if you read the detail as the Waitrose deal was restrictive in some regards and Waitrose has also been developing ...

Sainsbury (SBRY) Results

Supermarket and other goods retailer Sainsbury issued their preliminary results this morning. Growth in everything except profits and dividends is what one might say from a quick read of the data. Lots of positive noises about out-performance in the markets where Sainsbury and newly acquired business Argos compete. Group revenue up 11.6% due to the acquisition, but earnings per share down by 27% and the dividend has been cut. The latter decline was forecast by analysts but the share price has ...

Home Retail Group Trading and Disposal

As a follow up to my blog post on the possible Sainsbury/Home Retail deal yesterday, here are some comments on the Home Retail Group trading statement issued this morning. Total sales at Argos increased 0.9%, but like-for-like sales were down 2.2% in the period as a result of reduced store footfall and growth in digital transactions. Homebase total sales were down 4% but like-for-like grew by 5% - this mix arises from an "aggressive store closure program". But the killer in their statement ...

More on Sainsbury (SBRY) and Home Retail Group (HOME)

Sainsbury published their Third Quarter Trading Statement this morning (13/1/2016) and they have also published a document arguing the merits of their possible bid for Home Retail Group under the title of "Accelerating our strategy for growth". Home Retail Group previously rejected an approach from Sainsbury on the basis that it undervalued the company. This note discusses the latest news as a follow up to my previous comments on this matter. Now I have previously declared an interest in this subject as ...

Sainsbury (SBRY) and Home Retail Group (HOME)

Sainsbury have announced today (5/1/2016) that they may be making an offer for Home Retail Group (the owners of Argos and Homebase) although their first approach in November was rejected. No doubt the publication of this information, and the advantages of such a merger, is intended to bring pressure on Home Retail to talk further. Now I have to declare an interest in this matter have recently purchased a few Sainsbury shares on the basis it looked the best value in a ...

Sainsbury and Tesco (do they need a pressure group?)

Following on from the debacle at Tesco, Sainsbury produced some quite awful trading figures yesterday (1/10/2014). Here's a review of some of the news on those and other retailers. Tesco The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are undertaking an investigation into Tesco's "overstatement of expected profit". Making misleading statements to the market is potentially a criminal offence. How long that will take to reach any conclusions is anyone's guess. The result of such investigations are often reported to investors so late in the day ...


SIGnet after-meeting on Sainsbury’s plc (SBRY)
24 November 2020

SIGnet after-meeting on Sainsbury’s plc (SBRY) Date: 24th November 2020 Time: 2:10pm - 3:10pm SIGnet is a UK-wide network of investor groups that meet regularly  (in-person or online) to discuss investing topics and companies of interest to members. SIGnet after-meetings take place after ShareSoc webinars and use Zoom technology to enable members to discuss the presenting company. The meetings are chaired to provide structure and enable all members to take part. Online resources such as Stockopedia are used to support the discussion. Attendance is free for existing SIGnet subscribers. Others are welcome to attend this after-meeting and other SIGnet meetings ...

ShareSoc Webinar with Sainsbury’s plc (SBRY)
24 November 2020

Company: Sainsbury’s plc (SBRY) Date: 24th November 2020 Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm Format: Webinar James Collins, Head of Investor Relations at Sainsbury’s plc will present a full overview on the company, its strategy and the outlook for the coming year. The interim results were announced on the 5th November, which provided detail on this year’s performance. There will be a Q&A session at the end where you can ask direct questions. Company Information: Sainsbury's is a multi brand, multi-channel retailer, with a growing online and digital business, fast, ...