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Brexit Investment Strategies

Investors may have noticed that the pound is in free fall and heading towards US$1.20. That’s near the low after the initial Brexit vote. Pundits, not that they can be relied on for forex forecasts, suggest it could go lower now that we seem to be heading for a “no-deal” Brexit. With the pound falling, and potential damage to the UK economy from a hard Brexit, investors should surely have been avoiding companies reliant on UK sales, or UK consumers, or those ...

AGM Reports

Polar Capital Technology Trust (PCT) AGM Report 2015

I attended the Polar Capital Technology Trust (PCT) Annual General Meeting at the Royal Automobile Club yesterday. The time of 2.30 pm was apparently set because not all directors could make a morning meeting on that day. I chatted to the Chairman, Michael Moule, before the meeting started but only later realised that he was one of our Members. It seems he is another of those wise investors who have an ISA with a very large valuation - partly because he has ...

Polar Capital Technology (PCT) AGM report 2013 – one of the worst years

On the 2nd September I attend the Annual General Meeting of Polar Capital Technology Plc, an investment trust that invests in global technology companies. So it holds a lot of the major IT companies. For example it’s top holdings, in descending order of size, are Google, Apple, Microsoft, Qualcomm, IBM, Cisco, Salesforce.com, Intel, Texas Instruments, Amazon, Facebook, Oracle, Adobe etc. Performance last year was very much in line with the index it uses as a benchmark (Dow Jones World Technology) which managed ...