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Energy Caps, Verici DX, Equals and Paypoint

The views expressed in this article are those of its author and not necessarily those of ShareSoc. PM Truss's proposal is a cap on prices, not on overall cost so people with big houses with large gas consumption will still pay more. Fracking is also being permitted to boost local gas production. Truss did not give in to calls for this largess to be funded through a windfall tax. She said this would undermine the national interest by discouraging the very investment we ...

City of London IT, Equals Interims, Paypoint CEO, Downing One VCT and Parliamentary Pandemonium

Having been away on holiday in the North of England last week, this is a catch up on news that impacted my portfolio. I received the Annual Report for...

AGM Reports

Paypoint Plc (PAY) AGM Report 2015

Today I attended the annual general meeting of Paypoint Plc in central London. There were 2 shareholders present this time round, down from 5 last year but up from 1 from 2013. Paypoint operates electronic payment technologies, which means terminals in shops, via mobile and also online payments systems, which enables people to pay for parking, utilities, transport tickets and mobile top-ups (although the top-up area is in decline as more people move to contracts). Some highlights from the last set of ...

Paypoint (PAY) AGM Report 2014

I attended the Annual General Meeting of Paypoint on the 23rd July in the City. There were 4 or 5 ordinary shareholders present - that's more than last year when I was the only one. Paypoint operates electronic payment systems. That means terminals in shops to pay utility bills or do phone top-ups (the latter being a declining market), plus acts as an on-line "payment processor" for credit/debit card payments, provides mobile phone payment facilities for parking operators (e.g. local authorities), ...

Paypoint (PAY) AGM Report 2013

On the 24th July I attended the Annual General Meeting of Paypoint at their offices in Welwyn Garden City. Their offices are in a modern office block and they were quite smart with open plan offices for their call centre staff (who support the large number of retail customers). I was the only ordinary shareholder present, but all the directors were present except for one. Paypoint has a retail network of terminals in the UK, Ireland and Romania that process utility payments, ...

Paypoint (PAY) AGM Report 2011

On the 15th July I attended the Annual General Meeting of Paypoint Plc (12.00 am in London). There was only one other private shareholder present and no institutions of course. Paypoint operates in the payments sector, including processing cash payments through terminals in retailers for bill payment and mobile top-ups, plus operates internet credit/debit card payment services, mobile phone payment (for parking charges), and a number of other payment systems. It’s main geographic markets are the UK and Romania, the latter ...

Leaders and Laggards

LeaderPaypoint Listens to Shareholder Requests

Stephen Day says: Your mention of Paypoint reminds me that I must commend them for listening to a shareholder, namely me. In July I sent an email to the FD Rachel Kentleton asking a question, and I received a prompt and helpful answer. In passing I commented on the lack of a Dividend Information page, and she tasked her team with preparing one, After a few follow-up emails it is now operational. So “well done” to Paypoint. Well done Paypoint!